Monday, May 6, 2013


Hey guys I'm back! It's been a while, hasn't it? Well mom says we are getting a new dog at the end of he summer!! Woopeee!!!! I'm super excited! Mom has been working on my training a lot lately! We went to a meadow today and trained using picnic tables as obstacles! I hopped up on top and worked on some balancing by begging and holding it for the passing cars to see. I also needed to work on standing on the thin bench of the table because I'm a little wobbly! I also worked a little on coming when I'm called in an outdoor scene (I don't like to listen to mom and come all the time). When we got home I learned how to weave pretty fast between moms legs! I also worked a little on giving mom a "kiss" on command! I was wondering why I had to do all this and mom said we might start agility training soon! She says there's an agility club nearby! I'm so excited! Also mom says the new dog will hopefully be a border collie or australian Shepard so that they can go to the agility course too and go to competitions! I'm getting older and a little slower so hopefully I can teach them the ropes! See you soon!