Thursday, November 24, 2011

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Part 2: Daily Routine

After I eat breakfast Mom usually takes me for a long walk. I can hardly contain myself!!!

Dixie :P

Monday, November 21, 2011

Part 1: Daily Routine

Hey bloggers! When I woke up this morning the first thing I thought of was FOOD. Mom makes sure I have a happy plate when I'm done. Like I would leave kibble left behind!

Hey Bloggers! Just got back from a walk! Me and Mom went down to the creek and I ran around off my leash! It was really fun. Mom started chasing me so I did my crazy run and ran into the street. I was in a load of trouble after that. I have to wait on the sidewalk now until mom says "ok". It stinks.

A very tired,

P.S Mom had fun with the effects on her puta. I thought they were silly.

Hey bloggers! Here is a video of my amazing tricks!!! I hope you like 'em!

Ignore the first part... My mom put that on there for some reason XD

Hey everyone! Mom put me outside because the cleaning ladies are here :(. It's really cold. Winnie told me she's making Christmas gifts! YEEHAW!!! Mine better be great. I hope I get one of those yummy dog cookies. That would be so good!! What are you guys getting for Christmas? I want a lot of toys and treats.

A very cold,

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Hey bloggers! I'm in the basement watching TV with Mom. She dragged me down here and won't let me go upstairs to beg for food. Thirty more minutes until dinner and I'm starving. Mom's making silhouettes for Christmas presents now with her kit she got from her friend. Of course my silhouettes are the best... You should try this kit! It's super fun and easy to use!!

Hoping for dinner,
Dixie :*)


Hey everyone! Dixie here. I'm going to be blogging! My mom got me this blog when she got the dreaded hamster, Winnie, her website: I don't see why I didn't get a website... Oh well. I hope you enjoy my random and crazed lifestyle. The first posts I will be putting up are my daily routine and what me and mom do.
Happy Thanksgiving,
Dixie :D